Feb 272012

I made it to all three classes last week and feel pretty good.  I’m looking forward to tonight’s class, as well.

Haven’t had a lot of time to post, though.  I put together a website for my friend, Bing Crook.  Since Phantom BJJ in Maple Valley is so new, Bing hasn’t had a chance to put together a website.  While I’m no pro, I like to do this stuff.  Please check it out at http://www.phantombjj.com.

I have a few things I’d like to do still, but I think I got the important stuff on there: the name, the phone number, the schedule and where we train.

And if anyone is ever in the area, look us up!

I also dyed a gi for Rhino, one of the guys over at Foster BJJ.  He asked for “Hot Chocolate.”  I’ll post some pictures tonight.  I think it turned out pretty nice.