Walking to the Cage MMA Documentary

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Mar 112011

Today’s supposed to be a training day, but my son’s playing drums at his school’s talent show.  So, I’ll be supporting him and his buddies (even though they desperately need a singer :) ).  But consider the following in lieu of a BJJ related post:

Matthew Hickney is an extremely talented guy who used to train up here at Foster BJJ. He’s down in California now making his way in the film business, and I follow his progress on Facebook with interest.

The guys featured in this show are all terrific martial artists and quality human beings. Josh Calvo is thrilling to watch. He’s 3 and 1 as a pro now, with his first defeat coming at the hands of Lyle Beerbohm a few months ago. Josh is also a brown belt under James Foster and a cool guy.

And Jeff B is one of my favorite people in the world. He’s a passionate and competent advocate for the sports of BJJ, submission wrestling and MMA. Anyone involved in any one of these three sports in the PNW knows Jeff.

If you have some time, check out this full length documentary and give Matt some love by rating his video 5 stars!  Below is a preview, and the full length video is available for free here.

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