Jan 232012

The following pictures are all from my neighborhood either at my house or within a short walking distance.  I posted just a couple before, but I wanted to keep them all in one post.


A close up of the tree in our front yard.


The front of my house.  The tree on the right is the tree in the first photo.  Doesn’t look too bad, but it was pretty cold inside.


This picture and the next one are along my driveway. The giant pine trees let a lot of big limbs go due to the weight of the ice.  Fortunately, there was no real property damage.



This poor tree got nailed pretty good.  Lots of limbs buckled under the weight of the snow.


Lily dressed for adventure.  She’s got so many layers under that coat, I’m surprised she could put her arms down.


Thought that was a pretty little tree, with the ice built up on the limbs.


This is one of the younger evergreens in my backyard.  While we could probably save it, I think we’re going to remove it.  I don’t know that the roots will ever be strong enough for my piece of mind.


Some other limbs fallen in our backyard.


This is one of our neighbors.  His tree did some real damage to the house.


Here’s one from the park.  This tree split down the middle like a banana.  Crazy.


Some more from the neighborhood.


This limb didn’t want to let go, and ended up splitting in the middle.


I can only presume that the power line above is one of the culprits for our power outage.


One of my other intrepid explorers.  Don’t worry.  We stayed way far away from the downed line.





So, that’s it.  Power came back on last night.  We ended up being without power for a total of about 4 days, although it felt like a lot longer.  My wife came back from New Orleans on Friday, and while I’m sorry she came back to a cold, dark house, it was really nice to have a partner for the last couple days.

I feel really rotten right now.  I fought off a cold/sinus thing all week, but now that the crisis is abating I’m feeling really bad.  Going to skip class today, but hopefully with a good couple days to rest, I’ll be ready to get back to the mats on Wednesday.

Jan 182012

Well, I wouldn’t quite call it the storm of the century, but we did get a good three or so inches here in lovely Covington, WA. My work is closed. Classes at FosterBJJ are also cancelled for the day, and I’m presuming that Phantom BJJ in Maple Valley will follow suit. But as I sit here drinking a cup of coffee, I have a pretty full day ahead of me.

I have a three year old who’s never really played in the snow. She is pretty excited to try building a snow man. So, after the Sun comes up this morning, we’ll get bundled up and head out to play for a while.

After lunch, I’m hoping to get busy dying a gi. Brandon has a white gi he wants to make bright green. After the usual disclaimers, he picked Kelly Green from the Dharma Trading website. I continue to have people ask me about how this is done, so I am going to take some time and try to put together a simple instructional.

Dying the gi is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to clean up an old gi or personalize a new one. It’s not difficult. The way I look at it, if you’re detail oriented enough to train in BJJ, you can tackle dying a gi.

On Monday, my son and I rolled the mats out in the loft. He thought he could take me. Kids are so cute. Having just turned 16, and officially a moose at 6′ tall and about 210 lbs, he’s bigger than me and still growing. But I cheat. Hehe. It was fun. Maybe we’ll do that again this evening.