Jan 292013

Good class last night.  The school continues to grow, which is great.  Coach Bing is hustling pretty hard to build his school and I’m happy that he’s doing so.

Class yesterday had 13 people06.  I’ve been averaging 1 or 2 classes per week, which makes it very difficult to get any kind of momentum.  As a result, I’ve gained some weight and my conditioning is really bad.

We had a good warmup and went over a basic mount escape and a basic back escape, and then sparring.

What’s been really cool about having the affiliate school in Covington is that some of the guys who sort of dropped off, largely due to work and family considerations, are finding their way back into the school.  Knowing that it’s a Foster BJJ affiliate helps.  One of these wayward jitieros is a guy named Darin Zabriskie, who trained at Foster BJJ way back when the school was still in Auburn.  He’s a very thoughtful, technical guy, which makes having him back at the school a real pleasure.  But what’s really cool is that he’s a certified Muay Thai trainer and has been coaching Muay Thai after the BJJ classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Darin trained with Greg Nelson, over in the Midwest, and is a certified Muay Thai instructor under the Thai Boxing Association of America under Ajarn Chai Sirisute.  So far, the classes are pretty small, but there’s a lot of interest.  I’ve never been too interested in punching people, which is part of why I was drawn to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  But it looks like a different kind of workout and I might just have to give it a shot.

Aug 142012

It started on Facebook.  An ominous update came up on my phone:  “tonight will be fun… get ready for pain.. LOL".


I’m going to officially declare that the first part of our class yesterday wasn’t something that could be legitimately called a “warm-up.”  We went way past that. 

Phantom BJJ got some new equipment: some kettlebells, a muay thai bag, some pull up ring/grip trainer things, a large rope for climbing, and another rope anchored to the stairwell for flinging around.  So, as we jogged around and got warmed up, I thought to myself, “How bad is this going to be?”   It was pretty bad.  Not the worst… but I was pretty well wiped out.  We ended up doing x8 1 minute intervals at each station twice. 

Remarkably, though, I feel pretty good.  I think something’s up with my right shoulder, as it continues to bug me.  Feels okay after a day or so, but after every class, it just burns all night long.  Wakes me up around 1am.  I should probably get it checked out with a doctor, but frankly, I don’t want to be told that it’s torn or whatever.

Class was good.  We worked on 93 guard and drilled the modified scissor sweep ala Robson Moura.  Then we did a lot of sparring, starting with the sweep or submit/passing guard drill, and then open sparring. 

We’ve got a lot of good guys with great attitudes and the school is growing fast.  We had several regulars who weren’t there yesterday and still had about 15 guys on the mats.  It was great.

One of the guys who’s joined the school is Darin.  He’s literally been a 4 stripe blue belt for as long as I’ve been training.  Darin trained with Foster BJJ down in Auburn back when I first started, but had to take an extended break.  Darin has a lot of experience in Muay Thai, and is going to begin picking up a class or two per week in Muay Thai for those who are interested.  He’s a great addition to the school and I’m glad he’s back.