Apr 042012

Here’s a question that was posed by Prof. Giva Santana:

You rather be that blue belt that everyone gives you compliments and says you should be a purple?
Or would you rather be that purple belt that no one says it, but thinks you shouldn’t be it?
I was just wandering….

What do you think? 

I think that they’re often the same person.  I’ve been mulling this over for a while now, and I have decided that what I really think is that it’s easy to be a big fish in a little pond.  I’ve said in class that the perfect rank is four stripe blue belt.  My rationale for that is that there’s really no pressure.  You are expected to know stuff, but you’re also expected to have holes in your game.  You’re on the cusp of purple belt, but aren’t yet required to carry its weight. 

But, you have to grow.  Ultimately, my response was to worry less about the other guys belt. Train more and trust your coach.

Jan 112012

Giva SantanaGiva Santana is joining the next Bellator middleweight tournament. Giva is 17-1 with one win in Bellator. He’s a scary looking guy, but he’s one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in BJJ and his jiu jitsu is at an elite level.

He won the Pan Ams in 2004 in field that included Damian Maia. He’s very good.

I’m definitely pulling for him! Go Giva. Oss!

Full news release can be found over at MMA Junkie.

Dec 272009

Giva is one of my instructor’s instructors (if that makes sense) and I one of the highest ranked Lotus Club black belts who lives in the USA. He runs a school down in California, and is one of the nicest guys around.

I was so excited to run across these videos. He’s attacking the entire time. There’s a great take down and some really cool transitions as he moves from guard to back control to mount to armbar.