Aug 082012

imperial-purpleI finished another project last night.  It’s a Custom Dyed Tatami Women’s Estilo 3.0 in size F2.  The color selected was Imperial Purple. 

I really like this color because it’s a darker, true violet that is gender neutral.  Any lighter and it starts to slip up into a more pastel range, or the color itself becomes lighter, like a lavender.  But at the same time, it’s not so dark that it slips out of a true purple color.  

The end result is a very even, vibrant color that stands out on the mats and just begs for some lighter colored club patches to make the purple pop even more.

I like gis that start with black or another dark colored offset stitching.  The dye I use is a Fiber Reactive dye that is made for natural fibers, which means that anything that is completely synthetic will just simply not take the color.  The end result is that patches, such as the Tatami patches on this one, and the thread used for stitching, don’t color.  However, lighter colored, organic stitches, as are often used on embroidery, will take the color.  It’s difficult to know for sure outside of trial and error, how a particular patch will take the dye, because sometimes, the patch is made with a combination of natural and synthetic threads.


And below is a closer shot of the color and fabric. 


If you’re thinking about purchasing a custom dyed gis, there’s a gi style and a color to suit every person.  Check it out.  A Ladies Estilo 3.0 Gi, like the one pictured above, can be purchased in any size and any color for $169.95 (or for $129.95 in white).