Belt of Shame - Pink Jiu Jitsu Belt


belt_of_shame.jpgSomeone always forgets their belt!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is trained in both a gi and also no-gi.  When you wear a gi, it's customary to secure the gi with a belt.  But there's always someone who "forgets" it. 

Most schools have a spare white belt hanging around for these occasions, but where I come from, that's called "sandbagging."  Well, okay, maybe not exactly.  But still, wouldn't it be more fun to make that person do a few burpees and then wear The Belt of Shame?

This is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt that has been dyed pink.  The belt can be ordered in any size, but I recommend the A5, because it's funnier when Mr. or Mrs. Absentminded has to wrap the belt around three times to keep the tips from dragging on the mat.

I can also dye the belts other colors.  Contact me if you're interested.  

$15.00 Now $10.00