Walking to the Cage MMA Documentary

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Mar 112011

Today’s supposed to be a training day, but my son’s playing drums at his school’s talent show.  So, I’ll be supporting him and his buddies (even though they desperately need a singer :) ).  But consider the following in lieu of a BJJ related post:

Matthew Hickney is an extremely talented guy who used to train up here at Foster BJJ. He’s down in California now making his way in the film business, and I follow his progress on Facebook with interest.

The guys featured in this show are all terrific martial artists and quality human beings. Josh Calvo is thrilling to watch. He’s 3 and 1 as a pro now, with his first defeat coming at the hands of Lyle Beerbohm a few months ago. Josh is also a brown belt under James Foster and a cool guy.

And Jeff B is one of my favorite people in the world. He’s a passionate and competent advocate for the sports of BJJ, submission wrestling and MMA. Anyone involved in any one of these three sports in the PNW knows Jeff.

If you have some time, check out this full length documentary and give Matt some love by rating his video 5 stars!  Below is a preview, and the full length video is available for free here.

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Aug 132010

Just really quick, met G-Stamp today.  That was great. 

Oh, and my temporary crown came out while rolling with Jaime.  He freaked out, even after I told him that it wasn’t a real tooth.  I think that’s kind of hilarious!

And I couldn’t resist ordering the new 2010 Pan Ams on DVD:


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Jun 272010

I actually made it to four classes last week.  I’m sore but feeling good, and it was great to train so often.  I’m hoping to dye my new Vulkan Pro Light gi this morning, and perhaps I’ll get it done so that I can wear it to class this afternoon.  Maybe not…  we’ll see how motivated I am.  I’m going to dye this one Pewter, which is going to be a lighter color.  On a scale of one to Orange Crush, this is going to be more subtle.

I also picked up a couple yards of white canvas material and am going to play around with making some patches.  I’m going to start by experimenting more with Batik, but also have some fabric paints I’m interested in playing with, too.  I have no formal training in art, so all of the stuff I’m doing is completely based upon what meager instructions I can find on the internet and making it up as I go.  As a result, I’m pretty stressed out about messing up someone’s gi (or my own).  I’m confident that I can dye a gi one color and do a nice job.  I’m not as confident in the end result with the art images.  Working with patches will allow me to make mistakes and be a lot less stressed out. 

Back to training, we worked some good stuff.  Bill showed us a tripod sweep and I picked up a detail on the grips.  Here’s a video I found on YouTube of the basic sweep:

In this video, the guy is doing it basically the same way I’ve done it, which is to get the same side grip.  But my problem is that my opponent NEVER falls as conveniently as this guy’s uke.   Don’t get me wrong.  This sweep is money.  I just tend to roll up into my opponent’s half guard.  Sometimes, I can kneeslide into a modified scarf hold, but against a competent opponent, I get hung up in his legs or worse, in his guard. 

Bill suggested switching my grip to the other hand, if possible.  If you can switch the grips, it basically stacks that side, with me controlling both his foot and his hand, and then it’s really easy to slide right into 100 kilos/side control. 

I’ve been having some success with the turtle techniques shown by Giva at the grand opening seminar.  I really like the choke. I’m not setting it in quite right yet, but it’s a good choke I’m definitely adding to the toolbox. 

Lots of sparring.  I got to spend some quality time rolling with Bing on Wednesday, which was good, and rolled a lot with a bunch of people I seldom get to roll with.  That was good, too.  I’m really trying to shake my game up, and I can see some positive effects already.  I’m starting to look for the kneebars and ankle locks a little more, working on staying active instead of settling in, and trying to start each roll from a different position, to avoid falling entirely into familiar patterns. 

Last thing, Scramble is taking pre orders for the Newaza Hoody.  I really like Matt’s designs and the lack of skulls and death heads on his stuff.  Check it out.  He’s offering a 10% discount to all of my readers, coupon code “stevebjj” so don’t forget to save yourself a few bucks. 


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Jun 122010

Today was the Grand Opening of Foster BJJ’s new space.  We’ve been training there for almost 2 weeks now, and it is so nice.  Lots of mat space.  Givanildo Santana (pictured with me below) was in town this week, and he taught a few techniques at a free seminar.


Rodrigo Lopes and several other Gracie Barra black belts were there, along with many of their students.  The place was packed.


Honestly, though, the big news was the promotion of five guys at the school.  I had a feeling that there were going to be some big promotions today.  It’s just the sort of day for such things.  I called the first three, too (and even the order).  It started with Jeff Bourgeois, getting his brown belt, followed by Bing and then Josh.  All three of these guys are awesome jiu-jitieros.  They work tirelessly to improve their games and are awesome teachers and teammates.


After this, Coach promoted his first two black belts.  Bill and Todd.  I just can’t get over how big this school is getting.  When I started, James had one brown belt, I think two purple belts and a handful of blue belts.


Here’s a picture with Bill, Giva, Coach, Todd, Bingo, Jeff and Josh.  Congratulations, guys.

Giva showed us some really cool stuff.  The one technique that really interested me was a gi choke from turtle.  Shown below.

I played around with this during open mat, along with the other tips and techniques he showed us, and I’m excited to incorporate them into my game.

This is a picture of me and James.  I’m the one on the left, if you can’t tell.  Actually, I’m the one in the cool “Lock and Roll” tee from Scramble.  Thanks, Matt. I got a lot of compliments on it today.


I got to talk to a lot of people from the other schools in the area, but I didn’t get a chance to roll with anyone.  It’s funny how things work out… I would look around and everyone was pretty much matched up.  But I did get to roll with some cool people… just cool people I roll with at school anyways!

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Nov 262009

Great class last night. Light warmup and we worked on the scissor sweep from 93 guard for technique.

I also had some good fun in sparring, worked from turtle and finished with a great match with Mark W. He and I seem to match up well. We’re about the same size and strength. He’s been training in martial arts his entire life and I’m way more handsome. It all works out. So, I usually have enough space to work on my technique, but if I make a mistake, he’s right there to capitalize.

Looking forward to hanging with family today, eating some turkey and chilling out. My daughter made some homemade pumpkin pie and has threatened to make a chocolate cake from scratch. I’m never going to get under 180 lbs!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my buddies in the USA, and for those overseas… happy… err… Thursday! Get to work. But first, check out this video I caught posted over on Lockflow.com. It’s hilarious.

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