Oct 052010

Rodrigo Lopes hosted the first Seattle Open BJJ tournament at the brand new location of Seattle Gracie Barra.  I was able to ref some of the matches, which is a lot of fun.  I haven’t done a lot of reffing so far, but it’s something I’m interested in and enjoy.   I hope to do more of it.

I made one call that I feel a little bad about.  I was refereeing several of the white belt brackets, and in one match a guy was turned over on an armbar.  His arm was extended and he reached up and swatted his opponent’s ankle.  The combination of his arm being fully extended and the motion and I called it.  Looked to me like he tapped.  Apparently, he didn’t, and he was pretty torqued.  Later on, I asked a couple of coaches who saw the call, as well as a few other people and they all reassured me that it was an understandable call, whether he tapped or not.  Ultimately, these guys were fighting hard, and if it was a bad call, I regret that. 

Overall, I feel pretty good with how I did, and appreciate Rodrigo asking me to help.  That was the only really questionable call I made, no one was injured and everyone seemed to have fun.  It was a great opportunity to watch a lot of great jits and have some fun. 

Oh, once again, if you haven’t voted on the Crazy Ass Gi Contest yet, do it.  Do it now.

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