Sep 112012

Training is going well.  I am having a blast training out with the guys at Phantom BJJ.  The school has just the right blend of intensity and easy going-ness (that’s right… I made up a word).  I look forward to class, and am bummed when I miss one.

Bing has brought in a lot of fitness equipment, including the big exercise ropes, jump rope, some kettle bells and some weights.   A couple times each week, the warm up amps up to include intervals, and my conditioning (which is always questionable) is improving.

The kids program is coming along.  We have a great group of future champions training twice per week now, and all of the adult classes are growing slowly and steadily.  The personality of the school is shaping up and I, for one, like the way it’s going.

I’m still having fun dying gis.  I’m dying one tonight, and will post pictures when it’s completed.  It’s a “Deep Orange” Tatami Estillo 3.0, and it’s going to look badass when it’s done.


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    Sounds like your training is going great. Havging a good group of people it roll with is huge.


    Sounds like you have a good school and instructor. Here we have this Yahoo named Scott Shields that is a complete fraud and scumbag with false lineage – he never got a blackbelt in BJJ anywhere and yet he claims to be an advanced blackbelt instructor/master. He is fleecing students and lying to them. The Better Business Bureau just placed a warning and grade of F on him for being a pathological liar. COme see the links and help us out this scumbag from the MMA community:

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