Aug 212012

Great class yesterday.  Coach Bing is still out of town for a few more days, but we had 11 people on the mats, including myself.  The number of students is steadily growing and yesterday was no exception.  We had our first female student at the school. 

As has been discussed on many blogs before, BJJ is a great sport for women, but getting women to train can be difficult.  This is particularly true at a new school where there aren’t any females currently training.  Being the first courageous soul to cross the threshold can be intimidating and takes a bit of a pioneering spirit.  Overall, she did great and seemed to enjoy herself.  I hope she comes back. 

For technique, I worked with the white belts on a basic armbar from mount while Scott took the other upper belts through some techniques.  Talked a little about establishing a good position in mount and then moving to high mount.  I think everyone does an armbar pretty much the same way, so nothing really radical here.  There are really only so many ways to bend the arm the wrong direction.  In order to stay really heavy on my opponent, I like to think about attacking and putting pressure on his shoulder.  The idea being that if I can keep my knee pinned up against his head and a lot of pressure on the shoulder, it helps trap the arm.  We also discussed some of the ways to maintain mount and stay heavy. 

The class was a great mix of experience levels.  We had a brown belt, a purple belt, 2 blue belts and then the balance were white belts (and one new person) and it’s good to see the school growing. 

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    Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope you can check our website and give us your opinion.


    I appreciate your very kind words on the courage it takes the first woman to enter the gym. I am a newbie who did the same thing a few weeks ago, and boy was it intimidating. But the guys have been wonderful and supportive and it was nice to find this same view on your blog!

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