Mar 282012

Good times lately. I’ve been watching several food documentaries, and while I’m sure that people have their opinions on food, I’ve decided to give a vegetarian diet a try for a while. I don’t have any real moral compunction about eating animals. I like steak and chicken and don’t overthink our place at the top of the food chain. That said, I do try to buy food where it’s pretty clear that the only real bad day the animals had was their last one. Free range just seems to me to be healthier all the way around.

But I’m game, and it seems as though there are many fellow Jiu Jitsu practitioners who are vegan or vegetarian, so I’m looking forward to getting information and recipes. I’ve already received several great leads on websites, from the to information on the Dolce diet, which is a lot of vegetarian/vegan stuff.

Training regularly and feeling pretty good. I’m going to try and amp things up a little bit and compete at the Revolution in November. That’s the goal, but in order to do that I’ll need to drop a few pounds. To be clear, the diet stuff above isn’t about losing weight, but hopefully that’s a by product.


Moving on. That’s the crew from Phantom BJJ. Great bunch of guys. We took a couple pictures, and that’s the hamming it up one. If you look carefully… okay, not too carefully… you’ll see a few of the gis I’ve dyed over the years. The one I’m wearing is one of my favorite gis, and the second one I ever dyed. It’s holding up really well. The orange one and the light green one are two others I’ve done.

I’ve also been pretty busy recently, doing a chocolate brown Gameness for Rhino and a Fire Red Hayabusa for Brandon. I’ve got a couple projects on tap, as well. I picked up one of the Prana “flow” gis and dyed it Mist Grey. I’m going to do a ShoYoRoll “The Count”, as well. Also Mist Grey.

One last thing. I’m going to do ScriptFrenzy again this year. 100 pages or more in one month. Write that screenplay that you’ve been dreaming of. Who’s with me? Last year, I wrote a first draft of a full length screenplay about, what else? BJJ. The goal this year is to push myself a little and write something with a little more dramatic heft. I don’t know if I’ve got the emotional gas tank to make that work, but I guess there’s no way to find out without trying.

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    Hey steve,

    We like your blog, you have a lot of helpful videos. Are you heading to Pan am’s this weekend?



    Great jitz videos on this channel! This is a detailed breakdown of the americana with key points


    How is the diet coming? I made the same decision about 2 years ago. In that time I have relaxed my diet a little but still maintain it. Have you read Skinny Bastard? I imagine so, that’s what did it for me. Since then we eat or drink no dairy, and only consume red meat maybe 2x per month. Other than that it is chicken, fish, and veggies. I have found that has good recipes. I bought a basic food processor and chop and slice whatever veggies we need. This year I started a garden and have had good luck with it so far.

    This is supposed to be about bjj though, ha ha. A fire red Hayabusa sounds cool. Does the dye you use change the way the fabric feels? I have felt dyes before that made it sort of hard or stiff.


      I’m about the same as you. Haven’t been able to break completely away, but red meat is basically gone. I’m eating some chicken and eggs and cheese. But I’ve discovered the joy of almond milk, unsweetened.

      I’ve lost about 6 or so lbs, and have 15 or so to go. Aiming for 175.

      Regarding the dye, it is not too bad. I use a fabric softener one time after the dye and it makes the Gi soft again.

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