Mar 192012

Congratulations to both Coach Bing and Kenji. Bing had a couple of great matches and earned a silver medal. Kenji, only a little more than three months of BJJ under his white belt, won a great first match. He lost his second one on points, but time ran out with him in solid control of his opponent’s back and working a choke.

Class tonight was fun. We worked basics, basics, basics. Opening a closed guard and the fundamental knee slide pass to either side. With so many white belts at the school, it’s been really good for me to go back and revisit the basics.

Video below is Kenji in his first match. We worked opening the closed guard and talked a little about posture at today’s class, because it looks to me like he had a little trouble with a strong opponent who was locking him down.

Bing’s first match against Brock Doyle, a tough brown belt from Gracie Barra.

And Bing’s second match against Trevor Prangley. I don’t know how big Trevor Prangley is, but he’s stout. Fun match to watch.

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    I recently got back into the martial arts after a hiatus that lasted for well over a decade. I knew BJJ would be as challenging as it is foreign to someone with a striker’s background like mine. But I also knew the journey would be worth the bumps and bruises from getting twisted, thrown and choked in every possible way. Thus far the style has proven to be one of the more difficult things I’ll every enjoy learning about. So thanks for the posts and good luck on your journey in this arena.

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