Jan 182012

Me:  Brandon, I’d be happy to dye a gi for you.  What color are you thinking?

Brandon:  Can you do green?

Me:  Sure.  {pulls Dharma Trading up on my Droid} Which one do you like?

Brandon:  I like Bright Green.

Me:  Well…  that’s pretty bright.  It’s going to be as green as Bing’s gi is Orange.  You want it that bright?

Brandon:  Well, I want it bright.

Me:  How about one shade darker?  Let’s go with Kelly Green.

And that’s how we ended up here:


PR66 aka Kelly Green. 


Above is the gi before going into the dye vat.


Here it is after a rinse cycle in the washer.  It’s still wet and has a lot of excess dye, so it’s a little darker than it will be once it’s dry.

washed (2)

Washed twice, but still wet.  All of the rogue color is gone, so this is pretty close to the final color.  It will still get a little lighter once it’s dry, but I think it’s pretty close to spot on according to the color chip below.


And here’s the final product.  I hope Brandon likes it.  The color turned out close to flawless.  It’s very even, and I can’t see any imperfections.   He was very specific about wanting a really bright green, so I think he’s going to be very happy.  I put my belt on there to provide a little context, so you can see that the color is pretty accurate.


What do you think? 

And if you’re interested in doing your own projects, please take a look at my step by step guide.

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    Can I get something similar done as well?

    I am in the market for a new gi!


      Joe, I do offer this as a service. I’m working on putting together a website now. If you’re interested, I can sell you a good quality pearl weave gi in a color of your choice for $150. Or you can ship me a gi and I’ll dye it for you and ship it back for $60. Shoot me an email at steve at stevebjj dot com.


    What type of Gi are you selling? Is it a Gameness design & cut? What manufacturer is it similar tooo?



      Thanks for the comment, joe. The gis are similar in cut to a shoyoroll or prana. It’s virtually identical in design to my prana flow. No logos, patches and its white with black stitching.

      I’m selling it for $105 in white or I’ll sell the Gi in a custom color for $150.

      Check out my store for more information. http://www.stevebjj.com/store.



    Can you do one of these gi’s in green but with a gi with no patches on it (example not the gameness gi) and can you do it in a large size to fit 6’4″ 280 pounds, not fat but muscle.

    Lastly this is most likely the hardest, can you send to queens park, Western Australia area code 6107 Australia.

    If you can do all of that can you let me know and how much.



      Cade, I can do this for you, but the shipping would be tough. My coach is about your size. I’ll ask him what size he wears and figure out how much the shipping would be. I’ll send you an email with some more details. Thanks for the note.

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