Jan 102012

Bing Crook opened up Phantom BJJ, his Foster BJJ affiliate school, in Maple Valley a few months ago and it’s been excellent training consistently again.  As of right now, he only has two classes per week, but he’s working on adding a third, which would be AWESOME.

As it stands, technically, I’m starting to get my groove back… a little.  I was pretty much out for an entire year, from October 2010 to October 2011.   As I said, I didn’t exactly drop out completely, but I was extremely sporadic and as a result, I surely slipped somewhat in technique and definitely took several steps back with regards to conditioning.

The cold, hard truth is that I’m once again overweight.  A year of beer and Pick Quick burgers (best in the area and, sorry guys, but better than In and Out) and I was a solid 210 lbs in October.   The good news is that, while my cardio is still terrible and I’m making slow progress there, exercise and diet go hand in hand.  What I mean is that when I’m active, I want to eat better because I want to be able to exercise more.  It’s a positive cycle, and as of this morning, I weighed 201.5 lbs.  I’m going to work hard over the next few months to get back to my relatively stable weight of 180 – 185 lbs.  I felt good when I was there, and that’s where I need to be.   I’m on track to lose a healthy 3 or so lbs per month, which is great.

James Foster came out to the school yesterday and trained with us.  It was really good to see him, and I”m going to try and get down to Kent at least one day each week.  I’d like to get back to training 3 or 4 days per week.

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    Good for you for getting back in and training. It is a cycle of training and eating better so you can continue to train. I notice it’s a lot easier for me to train when I’m carrying less weight, reduces the risk of injury. I have also noticed that when people are away from the gym for a while and they come back, they are back to the size they were when they originally started. It is a testament to BJJ and it’s ability to put us, and keep us in great shape with regular training. Good job, and good luck.


      I’m heavy again, but even though I’m definitely packing a little beer baby, I’m confident I can get back into some semblance of shape. Thanks for stopping by, Rollo.



    Pick Quick? Gotta try it if I get over your neck of the woods. On the West Side, I covet B-Town Burgers in Burien and Zippy’s in West Seattle/ White Center. Of course, I too am in the early 200’s and need to walk around at 195 so burgers are off the menu for the moment. Hope to meet you at the Kent school one of these days.


      Yes. Pick Quick has been around for a long time in Fife, but they just opened up their second store in Auburn. It’s right off of Auburn Way just South of Fred Meyers. It’s old school, greasy, made to order burgers.

      I like the In and Out burgers, but this place has them beat in a couple of areas. First, their shakes are way, way better. My favorite is the coffee malt, but they’re all good. Second, their grilled onions are better. Get a classic double cheese with bacon and grilled onions and you’ll be in heaven. Just don’t do it on a training day or you’ll be sorry. Finally, their fries are better. Both Pick Quick and In and Out make them fresh daily. But Pick Quick’s fries aren’t nearly as dry. They’re greasy in a good way and have a lot more flavor.

      And stop in anytime with us out in Maple Valley. If you train with James, you’re always welcome to drop in. We have a couple of guys who are training regularly in both places, and have had several guys drop in.


    good that you were able to get back from training. time off can be frustrating. when we eat right it definately helps the training. today i had to squeeze in a meal before training so i had miguel’s jr. After only about an hour i felt exhausted.

    Floyd Mayweather disagrees though. http://www.sportsandfood.com/2011/09/15/floyd-mayweather-drinks-soda-eats-junk-food-during-training/

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