Dec 132011

Class was fun last night at Phantom BJJ. Had a small group of about 8 people, the guys who seem to be forming the core of our group. Good group of guys, overall. We have Bing and Scott, who are both brown belts. I’m there regularly as a purple belt, and then Brandon just received his blue belt last week from James in Kent.

Other than that, there are several guys who are just starting out in BJJ. Kenji is a kid I really like. He’s small, but wiry and he’s very game. He’s learning really fast and I think he’s going to be one to look out for if he stays at it. Colton is another young guy who’s been very consistent and seems to be picking things up quickly. And then there’s Aaron, a big, Viking looking guy who’s really strong and has a solid grasp of the basics. Aaron is one of those guys who has about 7 years of training under his very tattered white belt. He’s got some holes in his game, but overall, he’s pretty solid.

Everyone’s really friendly and so far we’ve had no problems with ego or anything like that.

We worked some escapes from back control. I was able to roll with 3 of the new white belts, as well as both Bing and Scott. Bing shut me down. I got out of a couple of tight spots, but he was always a few steps ahead of me.

That said, I feel like I’m getting my groove back a little, feeling more comfortable on the mats. I definitely have to think about how I’m going to improve my conditioning. I’m out of shape, and I don’t think two days of training per week is going to do more than keep me static. Things are busy right now at work, but I’m considering taking some time at lunch for a quick workout. It’s not much, but if I do it consistently, it would help.

I noticed that Coach Foster posted a new video today, a quick technique instructional on the bow and arrow choke. The first video is his newest one. The second video is a modified bow and arrow choke he posted last year.

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    Used to train at Foster’s in Kent until work and health sidelined me. My son Austin trained there as well. What are Bing’s hours here? We would like to look at getting back in and we live in MV! Thanks.


    On your post, Coach Foster and Bing have always promoted good sportsmanship and respect for all no matter the persons skill level. Glad to see the tradition going strong. This is going to be great for this community! Thanks for posting.

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