Dec 092011

Jeff Bourgeois is a friend of mine and I’m really excited that tomorrow evening he’s going to get a chance to fight professionally at Rumble on the Ridge XX! at the Snoqualmie Casino. Above is his pre-fight interview. Jeff has focused on coaching young MMA fighters, helping his friend Jeff Hougland at Hougland’s school, Combat Sport and Fitness in Enumclaw, WA, and putting on the largest BJJ and Submission Grappling tournament three or four times each year in the PNW. But now it’s his turn to step onto the field of battle. Can’t wait to watch it.

More information about the fights, and how to get tickets (if you want to see it live) can be found at the Northwest Fight Scene website. You can also watch the fights live online, streamed here: It’s a UStream site. I think that the main card starts at 8 pm.

Jeff Bourgeois was one of the first people I met when I started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He made an immediate and lasting impression. Jeff stands about… oh, I don’t know. He’s maybe 5’7″, and I’d be surprised if he walks around at anything more than 135 lbs, but he has a limitless supply of energy, and he does everything with intensity. He listens to you with intensity. He types on his laptop with intensity. Just sitting there, he does it and it’s intense. And when he runs a warm-up before class… it’s… well, let me just say that you’re warm by the end of it.

I started training during Matt Hickney’s filming of his documentary, Walking to the Cage, in which he features three fighter: my friends Josh Calvo, Coby Parmenter, and Jeff Bourgeois. This is a terrific documentary about the sport of MMA completed I believe about 3 years ago. Josh is now well into a successful MMA career and the sky’s the limit for him. Coby has a professional victory under his belt and has been focusing on his BJJ (currently a brown belt).

Below is a preview of the Documentary, with a link to the complete film. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Direct Link to the complete film here:

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