Apr 292011

Got held up at work today, so I wasn’t able to make it to class. Still, looking forward to helping out tomorrow at a small, inter-school tournament. Hoping to get some work in reffing.

Saw this on the internet and think it’s great. Walter Reed VA Hospital has wounded soldiers training BJJ to help them reduce stress, build strength and regain dexterity after injuries, even to include loss of limb. Check it out.

Finally, on the Scriptfrenzy front, like Charlie Sheen, I have tiger’s blood in me and I am a WINNER! I got to 106 pages last night. I’m going to finish up the story tonight and then work on a revision. I have a couple of volunteers to give me some critique and I fully intend to take you up on it.

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    Thanks for the vid. I sometimes forget how adaptable bjj is. Jodi


    That is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Really great to see someone in the BJJ community giving back!!


    hey man, thanks for the great post! Will keep reading.


    Great job! Lol @ the Tiger’s blood.


    This is great. Rehabilitating soldiers in the UK could also benefit from this. I’d love to see more footage of the training session to see how they adapt techniques to suit their personal needs.


    That is outstanding. Shows some much heart to get out on the mat after losing a limb. Those soldiers are heroes.

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