Apr 212011

BJJ was good last night. I am SO out of shape, but we started with light rolling to get warmed up and Ethan showed us a couple of sweeps from half-guard, for when the opponent switches his hips and is facing back towards the legs.

I was pretty exhausted. I felt like I rolled well, technically, but man, I was gassed fast.

On the screenplay front, the project is marching right along. I’m at 82 pages now, and working on winding down Act 2. The story is pacing pretty well, in that my protagonist is crashing hard. The world is falling apart on him, and he’s rapidly reaching the point where he’s at his most defeated. It’s from here that he begins the climb to the climax of the movie in Act 3.

I got home from class last night, ate a piece of pizza and got to writing. I was so into the dialogue that I realized after the fact that I’d written something about one of the characters which was a complete surprise to me. I had to laugh, because it wasn’t in my head, but after I started writing out the scene it just made complete sense. And it’s going to work really well in the context of the story.

Slidey, I haven’t forgotten about you. What I’m going to do is finish this rough draft and then get one rewrite in. There are some obvious things that I need to address before I have what I’d consider a working first draft. If that makes sense. Having read your writing, I would really appreciate any feedback you have, so I’ll definitely forward you a copy. Look for it in the first week of May (if not sooner.)

This is also an open invitation to anyone else. If you’re interested in helping me out, drop me a line in the comments.

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    Hi Steve! (It’s Kindra, Kate is my blog name)

    I would love to read your script sometime. I don’t know how much help I would be, but I might be able to at least proofread it (an English major has to be good for at least that!).

    Miss everyone and hope things are going great–awesome project. (:


    dude, I’m totally down with reading your stuff. Just let me know!

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