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Alright guys.  I did my part and now it’s time for you to do yours.  Go to the Tatami Fightwear facebook page and vote for your favorite.  There are three categories.  All you have to do is “like” the ones you like the best in each of three categories:  Ultimate (the Gi you think is so awesome it should be made), Funny (the Gi that made you snort liquid out of your nose and onto the keyboard), and Crazy (the Gi that, even though it would be pretty much impossible to manufacture, is just awesome).

The other judges and I have whittled the field from over 300 to just under 20 finalists. You have until October 12th.  The contest will end at that time.  I promise you that the winner will not raise your taxes. 


For more information, check it out here at the Contest blog

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    Some great entries in there! Love the Rex Kwon Do gi and the Cobra Kai.



    Favorites are: the SPFC number 9 , Dragon BJJ GI, Fragile Package and the AL BUNDY 33 Polk High.


    The SPFC one, with the RED and BLACK stripes across the chest I found it to be very clever and the end result was amazing.
    I mean since is Brazilian JJ, nothing more appropriated than a bit of football into the mix . And the RED and BLACK also have a meaning for BJJ. Great Idea ! I would wear it !

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