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Our friend, Meerkatsu, over in the UK has this crazy-ass idea.  Since BJJ is all about the flair, and people who train in BJJ are obviously intelligent, creative people with questionable taste, why not have a contest in which everyone submits their own crazy-ass designs?  The best part is that the winner will actually get a gi in their design courtesy of Tatami Fightwear.

So far, over 100 entries have been received and more are coming all the time.  So, if you haven’t already done so, check out how to enter, which couldn’t be easier.  Download, print, or otherwise modify the template, and send your entry to Seymour (seymouryang at gmail dot com).  For inspiration, check out the Design Your Own Crazy-Ass Gi Facebook group (and join it), and have fun.  The crazier, the better.

I like to write and I’m actually pretty fair with my hands, but when you get me near a computer for art stuff, I’m very bad.  With that said, below are my three submissions:


The inspiration for this one is pretty clear.  Bavarian Jiu Jitsu in the house.

The Villian’s Gi:

This one’s pretty simple.  Black, because someone has to be the bad guy.  Target on the back because there’s always someone gunning for you.

The Butcher’s Gi:

I just thought it would be cool to have a gi inspired by the butcher’s diagrams, where you see the different cuts of meat.  The thought of rolling with “Bacon” written in block letters on my stomach and “Fatback” on my back just makes me smile.

Have fun and I’ll look forward to seeing all of your designs online.

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    These designs go to show that even a low resolution mobile phone snapshot can still work as long as the idea behind the concept it cool. I mean gi-derhosen! Who would not want to wear that when rolling in Bavarian BJJ clubs? Or Butcher’s gi, very informative at the same time. Brilliant work Steve, thanks very much!


    OMG, you have given me my bravery back… this whole time all the high tech entries were scaring me away. I’m hunting for crayons as we speak. THANK YOU!


      AWESOME! If you want to know the truth, I was a little intimidated by the high quality submissions I saw, too.

      I can’t wait to see what you come up with, Georgette!


    Mind you, the gi-derhosen did bring back traumatic memories when I was a kid of my relatives – who were travelling around Europe came to the UK having just visited Germany. They presented me with a pair of finest suede leiderhosen which I was forced to wear by my parents as not doing so would make my relatives ‘lose face’. Yeah, go figure. I cannot look at leiderhosen without trembling and shivering with fear now. the shame oh the shame.


    That was so crazy…though the designs are great.


    I like the picture with the cuts of meat on it. I will have to design my own GI now.


    I don’t know about designing. I just dropped by to say hello. I am not a martial arts experts or something but I like the design I just hope it is comfortable to wear. Anyway, I have a cousin who is into martial arts and I will share this blog to him. He will sure love to design his own.


    LOL! I have seen several posts on sites about this contest, but I have to say, that the Bavarian concept gave me just the chuckle I needed this morning! Thanks so much :)

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