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This is a NICE color.  I used Pewter, which I honestly thought was going to be a lighter tint, but it deepened up into a very cool, greenish-gray color.  At first, I thought it was going to be very similar to my “Wedgewood Blue” Gameness Feather, but it quickly started moving from blue to green.

The Vulkan Pro Light gi itself is extremely well made.  Since the Vulkan ads always say that shrinkage is not an issue on these kimonos, as these are “100% pre shrunk,”  I ordered an A2.  The last time I went with an A2, I got burned a little as it shrunk up way too small and I only got to wear it a few times.  I wash all of my gis in warm water and machine dry them, so I try to anticipate shrinkage, but that can be a problem if the gi truly doesn’t shrink.

vulkan01 As expected, it fit perfectly out of the bag.  I was surprised at how light the top feels.  The pants are light, too, but contrary to the recent trends, this gi does not use the ripstop fabric in the design.

Patches are pretty clean and the seams are nice and strong, reinforcing the gi everywhere you’d expect: armpits, collar, etc. 

I’m happy to say that I’ve washed the gi in hot water several times as a part of the dying process and it still fits well.  The sleeves shrunk up just a little bit, but not enough to make a huge difference.

Color-wise, the Vulkan Pro Light gi comes in blue, black or white, but I think that the pewter is pretty badass.

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    Where do you find the time to do all this dyeing 😉


      Haha. I’m not the one who trains 10 times per week plus salsa dancing! :)

      But Sunday mornings are good for me. I wake up with the baby, we eat our oatmeal, drink some milk (I have coffee) and watch some Backyardigans. Then she goes down for a nap at about 8am and I’m good for an hour or so. By then, the gi is in the wash.

      It works out.


    Gotta love Vulkans. They really do make a great gi and fairly priced.
    Pewter is cool. But then my etyes are still burned a deep orange by your previous effort LOL!


      That orange was AWESOME. I’m doing a purple one soon, too… and Charlee wants a bright, highlighter yellow. That one might lead to retinal damage. 😀


    Dude I’ve seen fewer stripes on a Zebra! Time for a new belt it looks like :)


    how much would you charge me to dye my gi a light desert gray?


    did this gi shrink alot or was it implied that it did not shrink when you washed and dried it? cause i have one and i dont want it to shrink and not be able to wear it.


    Hi. In the picture, is that the fit after shrinkage? Because I just got myself a Vulkan and it fits me just like in your picture, right out of the package. I’m afraid once I wash it, the sleeves might shrink and it won’t be legal for competitions anymore. By the way, I live in a tropical country, so we line-dry everything here. =) Thanks.


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