Jun 062010

Quick post here.  If you missed the live, streaming coverage yesterday, it’s okay.  You’re still good.  The finals are today and the coverage is going to be AWESOME. 

Log into Budovideos now.  Do it now!

Also, I was watching an old episode of Modern Family on TiVo and Ed O’Neil shows the son a little brazilian jiu jitsu.  He ends up putting his son to sleep with a rear naked choke.  Pretty funny.

And last, I took advantage of the Budovideos 15% off coupon to purchase a Vulkan PRO Light gi.  I’ll write up a quick review and compare it to the Gameness Feather I just bought, dyed and reviewed.

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    Sorry.. I didn’t catch the live broadcast. :-(

    Do they keep a copy of it available?

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