Jun 052010

I purchased a Gameness Feather gi from Budovideos last week and like it quite a lot.  My favorite gi over the years has been the Gameness Pearl, so I was pretty sure I’d like this gi.  Of course, I didn’t know when I bought it that Budovideos was going to offer 15% off with a Mundials coupon code.  So, I took that as a sign that I should also buy the Vulkan Pro Light gi I’ve been wanting.

The Gameness Feather is a light gi very much like all of the others on the market right now.  It seems to be well made, with ripstop pants and a light but sturdy top.  I wasn’t a big fan of the front patch, but after ordering the Vulkan, I thought I’d go ahead and dye the gi to see how it turned out.  I used Wedgewood Blue that I bought from Dharma Trading a while back.

IMG_1165I really like how it turned out and I was pleasantly surprised at how the front patch took the dye.  The white around the Gameness script pops, but the patch as a whole took the color.  Otherwise, the gi dyed a nice, even color and I’m looking forward to wearing it to class. 

While dying the gi, I was watching the Mundial coverage from Budovideos on my netbook.  Good job, guys.  Switching the cameras was great, and the mix of matches was much better than last time.  I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and the finals. 

If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re still in luck.  Beginning tomorrow morning at 9am Pacific, you can watch live, streaming coverage of the Mundial finals.  During the finals, they go down from 10 mats to just one, so the coverage should be comprehensive.  I’m really looking forward to it.

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    SHARP!!!! I like the wedgwood blue. Can you post more details on the gi– measurements before/after washing/drying, texture, weight and size, etc? Thanks!



    I have a gameness as well, and although I love it, I have a bit of a gut and Gameness doesn’t fit around me real well. I went with an Atama Mundial #9, and absolutely love it. I was wondering if you’ve ever gone with a Mundial. I cannot recommend strongly enough the materials they’ve gone with on the pants for the #9. It feels weird at first… a bit like tent material or something. But it keeps you so much cooler than the cotton pants. I highly recommend it.


      Steve, I have a mundial #7, with the same kind of ripstop pants that come with the #9. I like them a lot, too and they’ve held up very well.

      Thanks for the note!

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