May 282010

I have always been interested in alternative fuels, and have been waiting for a viable, affordable 100% EV to come out. I know it’s early, and that within a year or two the technology will have improved. But, at the same time, my fear is that if no one takes the plunge early, the entire move toward efficiency and alternative fuels will get overwhelmed by big oil. I also believe that reducing our dependance on foreign oil is a matter of National security. The BP debacle down in the Gulf of Mexico has only strengthened this opinion.

Now, just to be clear on the matter, while I haven’t driven the Leaf… or even seen one in person, I have owned Nissan’s in the past and was very happy with the build quality and service I received. The Leaf also has built in navigation, hands free bluetooth, integrated iPod support and a solar panel in the rear spoiler. Although, personally, I would’ve made the entire roof or hood a solar panel. I mean, that could actually look pretty cool, almost like a carbon fiber effect. I don’t know how much that would add to the weight of the car or screw with the center of gravity, but still.

I put my $99 down on April 22nd, and I’m actually excited to get down to some actual ordering. Pretty much the only thing that would cause me to back out now is if the dealer tries to completely jerk me around on either the price or the trade in. I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen, but at the same time, I’m not going to pay a fortune for an “affordable” EV.

So, wish me luck. I spent a lot of time tracking my “average” miles per day, and it looks like very rarely drive more than 70 miles in a day. I live 10 miles from work and 10 miles (in the other direction) from Foster BJJ. I’m 30 miles from downtown Seattle, and less than 20 from downtown Tacoma. While I won’t be able to drive down to Portland in my Leaf, I should be able to use it for pretty much all of my day to day driving.

I also filled out the questionnaire a while back to see if I can get my home charger installed for free. The cost to have the charger installed is roughly $2,000, but I guess the company that’s been contracted to install them is doing about 4500 for free. I think I’m in a great situation, as I have an enclosed garage in a newer home with room in the electrical panel for a 240 volt 40 amp circuit. Come on guys!

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    That’s a great car. Already sold out in Japan! Hope you can get one. Due to the weather here in CO, we are stuck with 4wd vehicles. No much green choices.

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