Mar 032010
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Ryan picked up a Teko gi that was slightly used.  It’s in great shape, but was a little dingy.  No big deal.  I washed it with vinegar and it brightened back up very well.   If you want to know why I swear by vinegar, check out my article on Washing the Gi

Any discoloration came right out.  But Ryan said that I could play around with it.   I’ve really been holding off dying this gi until I had one of my own, but that hasn’t happened.  I do have a new Warrior One gi I’m going to dye, but I’m not quite ready to batik it yet, so instead of waiting any longer, I figured I’d better get Ryan his gi back.

When I ordered Bing’s orange dye (that I’m going to probably do next), I picked up another color as well: Wedgewood Blue.  I really wasn’t sure what it would look like.  My concern was that it would come out too light.  You know, not manly enough.  That’s when I remembered that Ryan didn’t care what color I dyed his gi.  I threatened to dye it pink several times and he was okay with it.  So, I figured this was my opportunity to try out this color.

Overall, I think it’s a very cool color.  It’s lighter than the standard blue, but came out very evenly colored.  As usual, the patches and dye failed to take the color, which gives it a nice, finished look.

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    hmmmm sharp! I just received my ultralight gi for the IBJJF experience… too late to dye it anything before leaving on Friday but I am damn tempted to do a dip-dye in some other shade of blue… you know, where it’s darker at the bottom, and let the dye “bleed” upwards to a lighter shade? I was thinking maybe lapis or midnight blue from


    I have a Warrior One gi also. The collar is nice and thick and makes it hard to choke me. It was my 2d favorite gi until I took it somewhere to get the school patch sewed on and they washed it and shrunk it. Do’h! My only complaint is the pants. The tying string is too short and front loops ripped. But the top is indestructable!

    good job on that gi. I like that the patches and stiches don’t take the dye.


      Looks like a nice gi. I haven’t worn it to class yet. Will probably break it in tomorrow night.

      I’ll post pics when I get it all dyed up.


    Very nice my friend! Very sharp!


    What a great colour! I think it looks much better than your standard blue gi. Perhaps you could do dyeing guide one day!


      I’d be happy to outline how I do it, but I’m not sure when I’ll have time for a full on guide.

      If you decide to give it a go before I get around to it, feel free to drop me a line. I’ll be happy to help however I can.


        Hey Steve, I’ve been following your blog for awhile and really like your dye jobs on the gis. I’m buying a used gi to dye myself, and was wanting some guidelines on quantities to buy. Like how much of the dye to purchase and what not. If you could, shoot me an email if you get some spare time. Good job on the gis, and really enjoy the blog.


          Thanks! I’d be happy to help however I can. First, I’d recomment that you read Georgette’s article on the subject. It’s great.

          Regarding amounts. I use the tub dying method and use the procion MX dyes that Georgette mentions in the article. Typically, for one gi, I’ll use about 18 gallons of water and 2 oz of dye. It’s really going to depend upon the color you’re using, the depth of color that you’re going for and how big/thick the material is. Some of the colors on the Dharma Site are marked with asterisks. This indicates that twice the amount of dye is necessary to get a deep color. In some cases, such as for the blacks, you’ll need to use 4x the amount of dye.

          Good luck and post the final products online somewhere. I’d love to see your dyed gi!


            Hey steve, thanks for the reply. Just after i posted i ended up finding georgette’s article throuh a google search. Yea i just didnt know if i would have needed 2oz or more of dye. I was thinking about doing the mist gray. I like your charcoal gi, but didn’t want to do anything too drastic or dark.

            I found this Koral Gi on ebay and like the color of it. I think i am going to try and replicate that shade of gray and i think the mist gray is the closest. I bought just a regular white gi off of ebay for $25 last week, and if I like the gi then i will be ordering the dye shortly after. I’ll be sure to post my results, hopefully they are good! :)


    I like the idea of vinegar to get rid of stains. I will have to try it. I just don’t like the smell.

    Baby blue is not my color. I will stick to boring white or dark blue. Sorry man!

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