Feb 242010

Maybe I’ll be dying Orange Crush for Bingo this weekend. I’m also going to dye Ryan’s Teko gi, too. I think gray for him, although he’s given me carte blanche to dye it whatever color I want. Maybe I’ll surprise him with a Gene Lebell special.

I’m planning to take pictures of the process. I’ve been getting a lot (well… some) emails on the dying process. It’s not rocket science, but does take some time. I’ll post them up.

I’m also interested in getting the process online so that I can get some feedback from the rest of you guys who are dying gis (Ahem… Georgette?). I’m making it up as I go, so tips and tricks would be welcome.

Can’t wait. It will also be good to get to class again tonight.

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    What can I offer? I have a few gis sitting on my washer waiting to be dyed. Let’s see– chocolate brown for one of our instructors.. sage green for my atama summerweight.. emerald for my Hsu…

    I can say I have had very consistent and reliable results using Procion MX (fiber reactive) dye from http://www.DharmaTrading.com with the sole exception of Gameness gis. In both cases, the gameness gi (though not brand-new and well-washed) seemed to come out a little uneven. The baby blue gameness was my first ever dye job so I attributed it to user error. The charcoal grey gameness was my #5 or so, and I think two things happened…

    1. I did not adequately strain the pasted dye before adding it to the dye bath. No matter how well you think you’ve pulverized and stirred, the undissolved dye particles will still make speckles of red, blue and yellow here and there if you fail to strain the dye through thin cloth (they recommend a square of silk; lacking that I have in the past used an old kitchen dishcloth with success).

    But that only explains the little confetti (less than 1/4″ in diameter) dots here and there… it doesn’t explain the unevenness, which my poor training partner termed “postApocalyptic camouflage”… so I think

    2. Gameness material must be treated with some very long lasting fabric treatment, which even a year’s worth of wear and tear and washing and drying doesn’t fully remove.

    Now, for my personal opinion, the unevenness I saw in my baby blue gi was totally reasonable and hardly noticeable, so I stfu and wear it happily. My training partner tried really hard to be cool about it, but I could tell it bugged him (though I think it looks somewhat badass! and not really a whole lot different from how black gis fade anyway… but..) As a result, I felt honor-bound to buy him a new gi. Since I’m so cool, I bought him a Koral (and if he wants me to dye it, I won’t have to deal with the fabric treatment again.)

    What else can I tell ya? I want to hear about this orange!!!


      Awesome. I’ll be posting pics and such hopefully next week. I think I might try some simple batik on one gi. Will see if I have the nerve to risk ruining it.


        You should email my sponsor, Chris Lane, at HappyKimonos.com for his insight. He tiedyes gis (fabulously well I might add) but I don’t know that ANYONE has ever batiked a gi! How will you get the wax off?

        You could always buy some cheap gi pants off ebay and practice on those…


    wtf? now I’m googling that!

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