Feb 172010

I’m still on vacation, but wanted to put up a quick picture of Jamie and the Purple Haze gi I dyed for him a few months back.

Picture was taken with my iPhone, so it’s not that clear.

Purple Bad Boy GiDyed using Imperial Purple fiber reactive dye from Dharma Trading.

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    Looks good, but I don’t think I’m ready for a colorful gi. I feel like (besides blue) if you are wearing a colorful gi, you better be REALLY good to back it up. You can go to a tournament and suck in a white gi and look bad, but if you suck in a banana yellow or red polka dot gi, you look really foolish. Maybe one day I’ll rock one of those gis, but I have more time to put in on the mats before that happens.


    I am sure you’re right for some. I know that you’re not alone in thinking that. But I see so many gis in so many colors now, I just don’t worry about it.

    So when you’re ready for your custom dyed gi, let me know. I’ll hook you up. 😀


    I love the way the white in the stitching and the patches don’t take to the dye, thus making them stand out more. Give it an almost cartoon cell shaded art feel to the gi.




    In Texas at the big NAGA tournaments there are several guys rocking colored gis. Granted, they’re bigger guys– but they’re just blue belts, and their gis are PINK (seriously!) and BABY BLUE. Pete, I understand your hesitation, but you don’t have to go with a girly color. I did a charcoal grey for a friend, and another was chocolate brown…

    I think this purple is nice! Steve, what dye color is it? (I assume procion mx from Dharma Trading?)


    Love it. Looks very professional and well-done.

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