Feb 112010

Good class last night, Bing.  Scott, our newest brown belt, ran warmups, and then we split up for technique.  Trevin worked with the newer white belts on side control escapes, and I’m not sure what Rick was doing over with the 3 and 4 stripe white belts.

We did some sparring drills, starting with guard pass/sweeps only.  After a while we went to sparring to submission and then swapping out, king of the hill style.  Initially, this was blue belt and up.  After about 15 minutes, everyone started doing this, separated by belt.  So, white belts on one half of the school swapping out only after a submission and the blue belts and up on the other.

The last 20 minutes or so mixed everyone back up together, sparring in the same style.  Pushing for a submission with no time limit really changes the dynamics of sparring.  On one hand, it’s fun, but on the other, it’s very tiring.  I was wiped out after class.  Of course, that’s not saying much.  I was gassed after warmups.

Got some sweeps to work from deep half guard.  My entry to the position is completely without finesse right now, but once I’ve hooked my opponent’s leg from sitting up, I can usually roll into it.  I’m going to try and pick up Jeff Glover’s DVDs.  Great reviews online for that one, and I guess he’s pretty funny, too.

Going to DisneyWorld on Saturday with the family.  Not sure about a plane ride with a 14 year old, a 12 year old and a 1 year old.   Lily is a wild card at this point.  She’s generally happy and travels in the car very well.  But she is also very busy and has… opinions.  We’ll pack lots of graham crackers, and I’ll have a couple episodes of Yo Gaba Gaba on the netbook… just in case.

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