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Christmas was awesome, but… there were a few snags. For some reason, someone gets sick in our house for Christmas. Every year. Sometimes it’s only one person, and sometimes, such as this year, it makes a run through the entire house.

Christmas morning we awoke to the sounds of my oldest puking loudly in the bathroom. It was 4 am and at the time my wife and I weren’t sure if he was REALLY sick or if it was just nerves and lack of sleep. I know he was excited about the presents and so we largely wrote it off. He looked like he was feeling better, so we took it easy for a few hours. The kids opened their presents and everything seemed okay. But by 8 o’clock, Ken was back in bed, where he stayed pretty much all day long. He came out for dinner, but ate very little and then went back to bed.

Fortunately, he was doing much better the next day because I was the next to fall. I ended up losing about 6 or 7 lbs in 12 hours and was beginning to become concerned about dehydration. On the plus side, I broke 180 lbs by the new year, a goal I had set many months ago. I went to bed on Sunday night at 183 lbs and by Monday morning I weighed under 177 lbs. While, of course, this was just water and within a day or so I was back up over 180, I have managed to legitimately keep whittling away at my weight and am now right around 180 and dropping. I was 179 this morning and hope to stay on track.

Monday my wife and older daughter caught the bug. Ken really picked up the slack for us, taking care of the baby and keeping the house under control.

In other health news, my back feels really, really good. Better, in fact, than in a very long time. I’ve been seeing a chiro pretty regularly and have seen some real benefit from it. I’ll keep it up and hope that in addition to everything else I’m doing, adding an adjustment at least every couple of weeks for a while will improve the strength and stability in my lower back.

On the presents front, I was given a Dollamur Flex-Roll mat for my garage. I have one already, a green tatami style that I was given by my brother last year. It’s terrific, but at 5×10, it’s a little small for anything but static drills. To do any real rolling, I need a little more mat space and wanted to get another one to make a 10×10 area. Well, it’s on the way and I can’t wait. Should be a place where I can throwdown with anyone willing to come by. Maybe if my HOA gives me any trouble I’ll issue a challenge and we can settle it using the old Catch Wrestling rules.

Hold on. My wife is telling me that’s a bad idea.

… my attorney is also telling me that’s a bad idea. Okay. So… maybe no challenges to the HOA, but hopefully I can supplement my class time with some work at home.

My goals for the new year are to really hit another leap forward in technical understanding of Jiu Jitsu. I’m looking forward to being healthy and strong, building my cardio and either coming to terms with or overcoming my chronic back issues. I believe that if I can train regularly, this will be a very good year for me. I intend to compete for good or ill as often as I can in 2010, just to get the experience. I would love to go to the Pan Ams in April. That’s a big goal of mine, and one I hope to meet.

I hope you all have a great 2010 whatever your own personal goals might be.

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    Steve…thanks for the great blog site. I am going to be up in Seattle the 12th-19th of January and wanted to know if you could recommend any gyms up in Seattle to train at? We are staying in the West Seattle area. All I have found around there is Gracie Barra. Any direction would be appreciated.




      Ben, thanks for the comment! Of course, I’m a big fan of the school at which I train. Foster BJJ is about 20 minutes South of where you’re at, in Kent, WA and if you’re interested, I’d recommend sending James Foster, the school owner, a quick note. I’m sure you’d be welcome.

      That said, if you’re in West Seattle, Gracie Barra Seattle is definitely the closest school to you that I’m aware of. They’re right down in the SODO district, close to the connection of I-5 and the West Seattle Bridge. I’ve never trained there, but I can say that Rodrigo has a good reputation and they always have well trained, solid competitors at every event.

      Marcelo Alonso has a school that is in Seattle, but a bit North of downtown, and there’s GB Ballard in NW Seattle. Both of these would be a bit further than the GB Seattle location.

      However you do it, I hope you have a good time in Seattle and get some training in.


    Isn’t that the truth! The youngest got the flu at my house and then it went through the family. I can count 4 co-workers that have had the same thing either before or just after Christmas. Of the four, two were swine flu. We were better long enough to enjoy Christmas but now all the kids have fevers and coughs now. What is it with the holidays and sickness? All I can say is I’m glad for good doctors, medicine, and the flu shot I got this year that spared me so I could help the rest of the family.


      I hope you guys get well soon, and I’m glad you were spared! It’s tough when the kids are sick, but the entire house grinds to a halt when my wife is sick. She’s the glue in our household and things fall apart without her.

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