Dec 082009

First, I want to thank everyone who checked out my mustache website, and a special thank you to all of you who donated some of your hard earned cash to the pediatric department at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

The campaign as a whole earned just under $50,000, a considerable sum. I feel very good to have been a part of the campaign and had a great time growing my mustache for 8 weeks, even if I looked a little funny… well, funnier than normal.

My back is feeling better. Not good, but better. I’m still a little crooked, but am sleeping better now, waking up only once or twice a night instead of every hour. I was hoping to get back to class tomorrow, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think a more realistic goal will be Sunday. I miss it pretty bad and am really looking forward to getting back on the mats. I’d love to be in good enough shape to get through warmups and technique and maybe some very light rolling. We’ll see. I’m taking it slow for now.

Big thanks to everyone who’s gotten in touch with me over the last several days. It means a lot. The comments here, on Facebook, as well as the emails and phone calls really made me feel good. I can’t say enough about that. So, thanks to you all. You guys are awesome and I feel lucky to have you guys around.

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    Take it easy up there, dude. No sense pushing back into it and getting hurt worse. I expect another great year of reading your blog, and that means you actually have to have the use of all your limbs and whatnot. :) Plus, you owe me a roll when I’m up there in a couple weeks!


      I’ll be smart, Dev, but you’ll have to let me know when you’re in town. Even if I can’t roll I’d love to go down and meet you in person. I’m feeling better every day. I think I’ll be up for light rolling this weekend. We’ll see.

      Take care.


        Hey dude,

        We’ll be there the 17th through the 26th. I am really hoping to get down to Foster BJJ at least twice during the visit. I’m going to email Coach tonight and make sure I have a good holiday schedule for you guys. Will let you know for sure when I can get down that way.


    if you’re bummed about not being able to roll til Sunday, imagine what its like to not able to roll until…April?

    It sucks and I am half way tempted to say screw it and jump on the mat for a few days…but knowing my luck, I’ll trash my knee even more…

    Ah well, so is life…


      Mike, dude. I know. You’re doing the right thing, though, rehabbing that knee and getting it fixed correctly. You’re looking great. When you get back to the school, you’ll be stronger than ever.


    I haven’t been able to train for two weeks with travel and sickness. I’m feeling the same over whelming desire to get back on the mat.


      I’m tellin’ ya! It’s awful. Sort of like as a kid being told you can’t go out and play with your friends. 😀 I hope you feel better soon.


    Sorry you’re still hurting! Hope it heals sooner than you think. Congrats on the substantial donation too :)


      Much better now. I went back to class for the first time in three weeks yesterday. And thanks very much! I’m looking forward to next year. Hopefully with a little more time to prepare and get my act together, I can drum up even more support.

      And thank you very much for the link love! I appreciate it a lot.

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