Nov 272009

BJJ Basics - One of Matts first two original designsBJJ Basics - One of Matt's first two original designs
One of the things I’ve mentioned several times over the years is how I’m not a big fan of the blood, chain link fences and violent themes on most MMA and BJJ merchandise. It’s not that I don’t like blood or violent themes. Hell, my favorite video game is Fallout 3. I just don’t want to wear it to the mall with my wife and kids.

So, when I heard that Matt was starting up a new kind of Jiu Jitsu shirt company, I was really excited. Scramble Stuff is a place where Matt is selling his own original gear as well as some Japanese Art Junkie shirts that are very cool. Scramble Stuff shirts will be Matt’s own design and his goal is to create new designs that highlight Jiu Jitsu without any reference to ripping someone’s head off or breaking their knee.

In Matt’s own words:

Scramble is here to rescue you from flying skulls, winged skulls, flying winged skulls with top hats on, minotaurs, bulging muscle man, dragons with flying skulls and top hats on them, flying minotaurs with winged skulls and flames, and all the other crap that infests the visual side of the MMA world.

For those of you who don’t know Matt, he’s been around in Jiu Jitsu for a long time, blogging over at Martial Farts and making everyone laugh at his adventures training and living in Japan. I can’t wait to see how things shape up for Matt and how his sense of humor takes shape in his designs.

Now’s a very good time to pick up something unique for the holidays. If I can get my wife to read my blog, maybe she’ll pick up the hint. Or mom? Anyone?

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    Hope you had a great holiday. interesting about the bjj gear. Why is it someone always has something to say if we wear a bjj shirt but if you wear a steelers shirt no one challenges you to football? Take care.


      Mike, I think it’s because we’re so badass.

      Seriously, though, I haven’t had too many problems, but I’ve heard from others that it’s a real issue.


    Big thanks for the mention, Steve! There should be something in the post for you soon, I’m currently moving house which is a complete nightmare! Thanks again!


    That’s a pricey shirt but what the hell, I just bought one.


      Yeah, those crazy brits and their funny money! :)

      Sean, I’m going to need to figure out how to get to your office regularly, dude. I am tired of blowing out my back every three months. Can’t live like this. :)


    Nice tees :D!

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