Nov 262009

Great class last night. Light warmup and we worked on the scissor sweep from 93 guard for technique.

I also had some good fun in sparring, worked from turtle and finished with a great match with Mark W. He and I seem to match up well. We’re about the same size and strength. He’s been training in martial arts his entire life and I’m way more handsome. It all works out. So, I usually have enough space to work on my technique, but if I make a mistake, he’s right there to capitalize.

Looking forward to hanging with family today, eating some turkey and chilling out. My daughter made some homemade pumpkin pie and has threatened to make a chocolate cake from scratch. I’m never going to get under 180 lbs!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my buddies in the USA, and for those overseas… happy… err… Thursday! Get to work. But first, check out this video I caught posted over on It’s hilarious.

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