Oct 252009

I’ve been at class all week, even managing to make the Tuesday class, which is rare for me.  I am looking forward to  the tournament coming up on November 7th.

I was wearing my cool green Gameness Pearl gi.  My back is feeling pretty good, and I’m just looking to have fun at class.  Today (Sunday), I’m going to head up to Seattle for a referee’s meeting at Ivan Salaverry’s gym.  Jeff B. likes to have all of the guys who are going to referee for him get together and go over the rules.  While I don’t referee, I do help Jeff manage the mats and such.  It’s also a chance to get some rolling in, as we run live matches so the refs can get some practice with immediate feedback from Jeff.

Back to last Friday, I had a couple of good sparring matches.  I got to roll with purple belt Bing, which is always an adventure.  He’s always doing something strange, whether it’s 93 guard or upside down guard or whatever.  You never know what you’re going to get from him.  But I pushed it a little, tried not to roll lazy and feel pretty good.

I did the same with brown belt, Thad.  As we started, he tried to get to half guard.  I tried to kneeslide over to side control, but got too high and ended up getting swept.  I ended up under side control, then as he moved to knee on belly,  I over-committed to a bridge and he got hold of an arm and was working for a kimura.  I defended that for a while, eventually managing to get to turtle and then roll back to guard.  As he passed to my half guard, I locked in a deep cross collar choke.

I didn’t finish it, but I’ve been thinking about why not.  First and easiest reason is, it’s Thad.  It’s going to be difficult to finish anyone with a gladiator name like Thadius!

It was one of those where you’re sitting there… and you KNOW it’s deep and you KNOW you’re one little detail from finishing.  I was focused on getting my leg through back to guard.   While I’m sure that had I been able to do
that, it would have worked, in thinking about it I’m pretty sure I could have finished it from half-guard.   Had I concentrated less on pulling him in to me and more on doing a side crunch motion to tighten up the choke (if that makes any sense at all), I’m pretty sure it would have done the job.

In other news, check out my ex-white Gameness Pearl gi:

And a close up:

This gi turned out really well.   While there are still some variations in the color, it looks really good and looks like it came from the factory this color.  Because Gameness uses a synthetic thread, it doesn’t take the dye, making it look really cool.

Still working up to tie dye.

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    That looks sweeet! :)


    Hey steve just a quick shout from the east coast. Competed yesterday in my first tournament the Renzo Gracie Invitational. I lost but had a great time. Im not the competitive type but it was fun and the sportsmanship and sense of unity was awesome. Your stache is coming in. On the subject of gis this beginner is partial to Torah brand. Best of luck in your upcoming event.


      Mike, thanks for the comment and congrats on the tournament. Even though you didn’t win, I’m sure you learned a lot and hopefully had a good time. Half the people who went to that tournament lost their first match and another 25% lost their second. There’s no shame in losing.

      Thanks for the nod on the stache. I’ve never looked right in a mustache. I’ve had a beard or something approaching it since I was 16. But this is for a good cause! I’ll be posting an update soon.

      Oh, on that note, though, I’m trying to find a pair of Estrada Sunglasses. Anyone know where I can find some? :)



    I want one!! Great job on the Gi, I love the matt colour you seem to have achieved.

    I have an old camo gi which is heading towards one colour its that old. Not as nice though.

    A purple belt will compliment it so well. I wanna see another picture when you get one :)


      I really like how this one came out, too. The process of tub dying the gi gives it a unique kind of lived-in feel.

      Regarding the purple belt, I am a long way from there. Longer the better, I think.



    How did you keep the patches from dying? Did you remove them and resow them on?




      It’s actually a happy accident, Jason. What happens is that most synthetics don’t take the dye. Most threads are synthetic, as are many patches (although any cotton, cloth patches WILL dye). So, when you dye the gi, any polyester type patches, linings, thread or stuff like that will remain undyed.



    Would you please help me by submitting a name in my “Name My Submission Master Grappling Dummy Contest”?





    As ZZ Top would say, “Sharp dressed man!”
    I have honestly never seen anything like it.
    Cool, very cool!


    Hey Steve,

    Great site, enjoy the blogs and it’s nice to read others insights into their BJJ journey. I have a question about your dyed Gi. Have you had any problems with the colour rubbing off onto other surfaces? – Mats, other peoples Gis, etc. I’m looking to dye my old white Gi a dark brown but I’m worried about the colour transferring where it shouldn’t.

    Thanks a lot.


      Thanks for the comment!

      I purchase my dyes from Dharma Trading (upon referral from Georgette over at her blog) and have been very happy. No color fastness issues at all after washing it before dying it, using the soda ash to fix the dye and then washing it twice before wearing it.

      But, that said, Georgette dyed a gi brown and she did have some issues with it. I’m going to be doing a very dark gi for a friend and to avoid any problems, I purchased an additional step, a dye fixative, which is specifically used to enhance fixing properties of the soda ash and make the darker dyes more color fast and look better.

      Let me know if you’d like some specific advice or links. I’d be happy to help you out. In the meantime, check out Georgette’s “Chocolate Love” gi. It looks pretty sweet.

      As an aside, Georgette’s got more experience than I do, so I’d totally recommend chatting her up for advice, too!


        Thanks for the information. I’ll check out Dharma Trading and if I have questions that their site can’t answer, maybe I’ll bug you again :)

        Also, I’ll probably check with Georgette about the severity of her issues as I’d hate to ruin our mats or another person’s Gi.

        Thanks again.


    About my Chocolate Love gi…. it only rubbed a little on a white gi just the once, when it was freshly dyed and had only been washed once. (Oddly, my training partner’s white gi had some places with a pale green tint to it– which I assumed somehow came from the brown gi but who knows! So I washed her gi that night in regular detergent etc and it was sparkling white afterwards.) Never had a problem with the brown after I washed it once more, or with any of my other (many) colors. I can’t even say for sure that the tint on her gi was because of my brown gi… but better safe than sorry.

    Steve– What color green did you use? Is that sage?



    Just dyed a friend’s Gameness charcoal grey and was disappointed with the unevenness of the color, despite using the additional fixative as you mentioned. I have heard that Gameness treats their fabric with something that doesn’t ever fully wash out, and that it may be the underlying cause for some unevenness. In any case, he described it as “postApocalyptic camo” and I felt so badly about it that I bought him a new gi.

    I also have some unevenness in my dyed Gameness. (FWIW, my chocolate gi has not rubbed off on anyone or anything since nor is it uneven in color. Yay.) So I don’t think I’ll be dyeing any Gameness gis in the future.

    Cheers all!



      Oh man, sorry to hear that, Georgette! I didn’t have any problems dying my Gameness Pearl green and I still wear it all the time. It looks exactly like the picture above… a little variation which I think looks cool, but nothing I’d call uneven.

      Do you use calsolene oil in your dye? If not, do you think that might be the difference? I’ve always done that. We also have good water up here. Growing up in Texas, I remember that the water was extremely hard. Do you think that might be a factor?


    Steve– I did use calsolene oil, and have not had any problems with any of the other gis. My Gameness was a Pearl, his was (I believe) a single weave. I don’t have hard water, luckily.

    I don’t know, it might also have been user error! :)


      Hmmm… Georgette, obviously I can’t know for sure what the problem is, but I am positive it wasn’t your fault. I don’t like to play the blame game, but if I did, I’d blame the guy who gave you the gi. Just sayin’. :)

      I’m going to be dying another couple gis in a week or two and plan to get some video/photos of the process to post up. Let me know if I do anything different from you. I could use a few pointers.


    Do you take orders? the green came out really nice and i want one…


    Hi Steve,

    I have one more question regarding Gis that you have dyed. Have you ever noticed the fabric seemed weakened by the dying process? I dyed my Gi and after using it for a month or so (after previously using it for a year) it ripped in a place that I would not have expected. Maybe this was just this Gi’s time to go, but I’m wondering if you’ve experienced anything similar when dying your Gi’s.




    I have dyed a number of gis and not noticed any fabric weaknesses….

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