Oct 122009

One thing that I’m a little concerned about are links to specific articles. Unfortunately, the way that wordpress formats permalinks is different than how blogger does this. The result is that any links to my blog in general will be fine, but links to specific articles, such as to my primer on Washing the Gi (and removing funk) will be broken. I can’t at this time see a way around it. Sorry!

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    Pants, that’s going to involve some updating of my links: I’ve got several of your posts linked. Then again, I can just search for ‘SteveBJJ’, so hopefully won’t take that long.

    Nice new design, by the way: WordPress does tend to look professional, though I’m still perfectly happy with Blogspot. Not to mention I have a huge number of links all over the web, so I definitely wouldn’t want those to go dead in the way yours are about to 😉


    Only two I needed to change so far: Don’t Let ___ Be Your Excuse has added ______ to the url, and Washing the Gi put in an extra ‘the’.

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