Aug 072009

Got some dye from Dharma Trading Company on the way. Ordered a few colors to dye some white gis I have. Should be fun. I was inspired by Georgette’s multiple posts on the subject over at her blog. I think I’m going to start with a charcoal grey gi, just because I like the way they look. I am not sure whether I’ll just take the plunge on my ShoYoRoll SuperLite, or wait until I can purchase another white gi. Thing is, I don’t want to waste the effort on a gi I won’t want to wear… and I’m a little spoiled with all the cool gis out there. So, I think I might just go for it and either ruin my ShoYoRoll or end up with a really cool, charcoal grey SuperLite.

I also received my copy of Purple Belt Requirements in the mail. I haven’t had a chance to view them yet, but am anxious to do so. I only wish there was a digital copy included. Having this on my iPhone would be a tremendous help for me. If you haven’t already done so, check out Slideyfoot’s preview on his blog here and also Paul’s review here at BJJ Norcal.

I’m hoping that the obscene number of hotwings I ate yesterday at Wingdome don’t kill me today. Probably will. While I didn’t go crazy with the #7’s (the spiciest these go), I did eat many #6’s.

All in all, it’s like an early birthday. I’m looking forward to class tonight and a good weekend with the family.

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