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I walk into class tonight and the first person I see is Bingo, which is awesome. I got to congratulate him on his promotion to purple belt. He’s a terrific guy, a great training partner and is a big part of the school family. Congrats, Bing!

That was great. Then guys start filing in and it’s all my favorite guys to train with. The guys who just routinely kick my butt. Bill, Thad, Todd, Josh (training for his August 22nd professional MMA debut), Bing and big Mike… along with a great crew of white belts who are all tough guys. So, Friday night is shaping up.

Then James gives me back my ShoYoRoll, all freshly pimped out with club patches sewed on by his mom (who is one of the nicest people around). Thanks, Mrs. Foster! I really appreciate it. It looks awesome and I immediately changed into it to wear it at class. So, all around, I’m feeling great. Cool guys, pimpin’ Super-Lite gi… then it happens.

Rolling with Sam, I get a deep cross collar choke from guard and his nose erupts… all over my awesome, WHITE gi. Bing rolled with Sam before me and caught him repeatedly with what is now called the Roger Gracie choke (because he won all of his matches at the Mundials with it). I got some water on it right away and changed into my other top. Reminded Sam about it multiple times and mentioned that if he wouldn’t stick his finger in his nose all the time, it wouldn’t bleed like that. In all seriousness, I don’t think it’s any big deal… except that it’s my brand new, white gi. :)

The rest of class was great. Got good rolls with Todd, Thad, Bing, and twice with Josh. I did a lot of tapping, but felt good about my rolls. Josh said he’s worried about my guard pass, doesn’t give me any space anymore and pushes the pace when we roll (not that I ever actually pass his guard). Thad mentioned that my top game is getting tight and that it was noticeably improved over the last 6 months.

So, overall, I feel really good. Oh, and when I got home I used some detergent to pretreat the blood, ran it through the wash and it came out no problem. Catastrophe averted.

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    hey thanks for mentioning me :) I almost didn't come in tonight, but since the revolution is a week away, I need the mat time.

    I have been working A LOT on my bottom escapes. I guess the combined private with Coach and reading BJJ Univ., I have been improving; it was good getting compliments from Rick, Bing and Thad on how I have gotten better recently.

    It was an awesome class tonight.

    And I was happy to hear your brother is doing better…..

    ps. I got blood on my crappy gi tonight 😛


    Steve, I've found that putting hydrogen peroxide on blood stains before washing really cleans them away, even on a white gi. Sometimes you need two or three applications, but it kind of bubbles up and the stain disappears.


    Another option– OxyClean. It's a powdered hydrogen peroxide that's stronger than what you get in the bottle; you activate it by mixing with super hot water. It will get even dried, set-in blood out of your gi. I find it in the grocery store laundry section and it's saved several of my gis (I too have a frequently bleeding nose.)


    Good luck at the tournament. I'll be at disneyland, but I'll be looking for updates on Facebook.

    Bobspar, peroxide is one I've used in the past… in fact, Mike mentioned it at class. It works really well, but I'm not sure how hard it is on the fabric. It works really well on blood stains.

    Georgette, great tip! Thanks.


    That's one of the reasons I stopped wearing white gis. People bled on them – ALL – the time.

    That's probably not a good thing though because I might not get out all the 'spots,' but it keeps me sane.


    hey how long has your freind that became a purple belt been doing BJJ?


    btb900: Longer than me… so I'd guess over 3 years. Possibly closer to 4.


    I think the blood on the gi only adds character :p

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