Jun 282008

Having fun so far, in spite of a little rain. My kids are at a great age for the parks, although having a pregnant wife means that I have to do more of the thrill rides than I’m used to.

Here are a couple of quick pictures from this morning. I was pleased that my son finally jumped in and joined the fun. I like pictures like these, but he’s usually too shy to be in them.

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    Oooooo…! Fun! FUN!

    Did you get to go on the log ride, and get soaked by the water?? (Talking about the thrill rides?)

    I love the pics..


    Yeah. Splash Mountain, I think. It’s very fun. We’ve done lots of rides including Kali River Rapids, where you get VERY soaked, Expedition Everest, a coaster that goes backwards at one point. Lots of fun stuff.

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