Jun 252008

I know. It’s the season of “staycations” and gas prices going all wonky, but we’re going to DisneyWorld, dammit! With the baby coming in a few months, and my daughter being so damned cute, this is likely our last chance to “get away” for several years.

So, I won’t be around for a week or so. But while I’m gone, if you need a grappling fix of some kind, I’d like to refer you to the Mokuren Dojo blog. Patrick Parker is a fascinating guy. He teaches Judo and Aikido and from reading his blog and my own limited interactions with him directly, he is a passionate martial artist, a very knowledgeable grappler and a genuinely interesting character.

Take some time to check out his interview with Dave Camarillo or Gene LeBell. Or if you’re not interested in his personal interviews, check out this video he’s found of a pre-WWII Judo kata.

Unlike many traditional grappling instructors, I respect Patrick Parker for his obvious appreciation of grappling arts of all kinds. He doesn’t see BJJ as a threat to Judo or anything else. It’s one of many different styles derived of a ruleset and a particular emphasis. He writes about wrestling with the same passion that he writes about Aikido.

Enjoy, and I’ll be back after I’ve spent some quality time with Mary Poppins… hubba, hubba.

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    Beware of men dressed in mouse costumes! Oh, and Princesses too…

    But beyond that, have a holly jolly vacation, my friend…you deserve good times…

    Linda D. in Seattle


    DisneyLand is great. And, even with two kids, you can still get away. I’m in Ft Lauderdale so I get up there every 2 years or so.


    Thanks guys! Having fun so far.

    Bb@50: two is easy. It’s this third one on the way that’s gonna shake things up. :-)


    oh how fun! i’m jealous course i’m not going to be seeing it for a couple of years, at least until B#2 is at least two years old. but i practically grew up there so i can’t wait to get back!

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