Mar 022008

Some observant readers may have noticed that I finally registered the domain. It was hard, because “stevebjj” is very much in demand with the Domain Prospectors out there.

While the old url ( will still forward to the new one, this blog can now be found at

When you get a moment, please update your favorites and any links to this site.

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    I’ve updated the link on my site.

    Just so you know – I too have took that leap and registered, so if you could update your link, that would be great. :)

    Thanks Steve.



    Hey Steve, just wanted you to know you’re still on my GoogleReader and i check in on you periodically! I miss seeing you around – you’re too famous for me anymore, I get it. Don’t worry, I won’t cry… No, it’s alright. *snif*


    On it…wouldn’t want to miss out on my favorite “Gi Man”… :-)

    Linda D. in Seattle


    Nice! My feedreader automatically updated, so I didn’t even notice the change…

    Was it difficult setting up your domain and transferring your blog?


    Amy: I’m a bad friend. Between the kids, the pregnant wife, the stinky dogs, the training and work, I’m swamped. But I am always interested in what’s going on down South! :)

    Linda: You too. Every time I skip a week or so at your blog, I regret it.

    Forlogos: It was very easy. Because I use blogspot (and I’m presuming with WordPress it’s the same), you don’t even need to splurge on hosting, so it’s very inexpensive. I actually splurged so that I could also have email, but it was like $25 for 2 years (which is still probably a little high). And switching over was a relative snap.

    The only difficulty I had was in figuring out what I need vs what all of the registration/hosting companies wanted to sell me.


    Forlogos – I just changed my wordpress blog to just a .com and it cost $15 for the year.

    It took less then a minute, I paid via paypal and they deal with EVERYTHING. Seriously, it has seen my readship increase and my SEO improve.

    If you want to do it just go to your dashboard, then upgrades, then domains, add a domain by writing it in the box, pay via paypal and thats it!

    Sorry for jumping on the comments Steve.

    Adam Adshead


    Thanks Steve, Adam…I think I’ll do just that in a few weeks!


    Oh yeah, I remember reading this a few months back. Meant to ask then: why the change? Is it just for a shorter url, or am I missing some big advantage of having your own domain?

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